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Rancher AT - Won't Shift Out of First Gear

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2005 TRX400FA Won't shift out of first gear. When in Drive the dash display reads out "- -" instead of "D". Any ideas or thoughts are welcome.
This is my second post on this problem. After 84 views & no responses I can only assume that I need to see my dealer to have this problem diagnosed?
I need some experienced advice, please help.
Thank you.
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I wish I could help you, but I don't know anything at all about the Hondamatic CVT trannys.

Is it flashing any trouble codes on the display? If it is, here is a link to a thread about retrieving the codes.

Those have the same type of tranny as the Rubicon 500. Here is a link that describes how they operate.

2001 Honda Rubicon Hondamatic hydraulic transmission

I don't know if any of this will help or not, but this is all I know to tell you. Sorry I couldn't help you more.
I wish I could help you, but I don't know anything at all about the Hondamatic. I wouldn't know where to start, I've never owned or worked on one. Saber6 would probably know more than anyone else on here, but I don't know how often he gets on here.
Helmut, thanks for the problem code retrieval sheet! That was a huge help!
I'm coming up with 11 blinks, which crosses to a "PCM Fail Safe Relay Circuit".
I've got a shop manual on order & was hoping it would come today but not the case.

Curiousity is killing me; So what exactly does "Fail Safe Relay Circuit" mean?
Is it a specific relay that I can replace or is it more of a wiring harness with miles of wire & multiple connections that I need to trace through?

Many thanks for any info you can provide!

Have you checked your shift linkage to see if it's out of adjustment? I don't know if that's your problem, but take a look at this thread from another forum. This thread is about a Rubicon, but the Rancher AT uses the same tranny. The trouble codes will have different numbers, though, but that don't matter because you've already read your trouble codes and know what it is. If this isn't the problem, then my guess would be a bad ECU.

problem w/4low - Honda Foreman Forums : Rubicon, Rincon, Rancher and Recon Forum
Yeah, the ECU and PCU are the same thing. ECU is Electronic Control Unit and PCU is Powertrain Control Unit which usually includes the transmission in the computer system.
I don't know of any way to check the PCM and I doubt if the dealer has any way to check them, other than replacing them with a known good unit.
Good luck, I hope things work out good for you.
Sorry to hear that the PCM didn't fix it, I know how frustrating that can be, especially spending that kind of money for nothing. I wish I had an answer for you, but I just don't know much about the 400AT.
Glad you found the problem. Yeah, I'm sure it will help someone else.
2005 Honda Rancher 400 just started to act up today. code 6
wierd how it worked fine two weeks ago when I put it away and today shes acting up.
Here is the codes and what they mean.

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Thanks! I will let you know if this solves the issue.
You're welcome and I hope you get it fixed.
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