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Hey guys,

I'm working on a project to EFI and turbo my Raptor 350 and am using a 2013 Rancher 420 throttle body for the conversion because it fits the Yamaha intake boot. My build thread is on if you're interested.

What I need help with from you guys is the part number or a used connect for the Idle Air Control Valve for one of these. I'll take a used connector with a few inches of wire on it. I can PayPal the money to you.

Here is some info for the Rancher 420 throttle body I figured out.

TPS/MAP 5 pin connector part number Female HX040-5.

Sumitomo HX .040 - .090 Connector and Terminals

TPS/MAP sensor pinout.

Looking at the map sensor itself from left to right. Lock tab up.

(Map Sig) (TPS SIG) (SIG GND) (5V ref) (Not used)

It looks like this module has a IAT sensor in it that would use the far right pin, but I could not get any reading from it at all but I plan to use fast response GM IAT sensor anyways.

Here is the voltage to KPA formula for the MAP sensor. It's good to about 11psi like the old Honda/Acura MAP sensors!

Formula KPA=(37.664*voltage)-5.832

Stepper IACV pins from left to right.

This is looking at the valve itself with lock tab up. Will have to use a PWM to stepper adapter with MicroSquirt.

(1B) (2B) (2A) (1A)

Fuel injector flow tested 288cc at 40psi

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chances are your not going to have a separate part number for the connector and harness, that is all a one piece unit from the main harness.

you may be better off buying a used harness of ebay if they come cheap enough.

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I will be making a trip to my buds place here before long ?, I will see if the connector is still on a wire harness from a trx420 I have in mind ?. if it is ?, i'll let you know. these parts are not mine , I don't know what he will want for this connector ?, but i'm pretty sure the wire harness is already hacked up ?, and he would part with this for you.
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