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Rancher 420 Bumper interchangeability

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Ok working on a 2011 Rancher that needs a new front bumper. Looking at partzilla they show part number 81150-HP7-A00ZA for $145 Their interchange list shows it is for years 2009-2014

But looking at the 2007-08 they show part 81150-HP5-600ZA for $76

Did they really change the design or is it just a part number change?

With the earlier one being less than half the price of the later one it's tempting to order it instead.
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is it really worth the headache to order the wrong bumper, wait a week to get it, take it out of the box, only to find out it wont fit ?, then have to pay to ship it back. if its not on the list ?, 9 out of 10 times..there is a reason !.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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