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Rancher 420 Bumper interchangeability

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Ok working on a 2011 Rancher that needs a new front bumper. Looking at partzilla they show part number 81150-HP7-A00ZA for $145 Their interchange list shows it is for years 2009-2014

But looking at the 2007-08 they show part 81150-HP5-600ZA for $76

Did they really change the design or is it just a part number change?

With the earlier one being less than half the price of the later one it's tempting to order it instead.
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Got the 07 bumper in today and bolted it up, it bolted up fine. I was able to find it new on ebay for $70 shipped; that beats the $145 I was looking at for an 2011 bumper.


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