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Hi All!

I just replaced the timing chain and tensioner on my 2000 Rancher 350TE.
Not long before the timing chain went, I had it bored/piston/rings replaced and valves done.
Got it together enough to start it.
When cranking now, I'm getting some back firing out the exhaust but it doesn't start.
I did not do anything to the valves when I had it apart now. I am certain that the timing chain is timed correctly.

Any suggestions?

How can I check that the valves are ok since the timing chain failure.
The chain failed when attempting to start - not while the engine was running. For a long time prior to it failing, it had a rattle in the engine that I didn't know what was causing - now know it was the timing chain.

Thank you all!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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