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Rancher 350 Choke

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Hello, I have a 2003 Honda Rancher 350 which is low miles/hours and has never given me any issues. Today when I went to use it the choke won't move. The knob only travels approximately 1/4 of an inch, if that. Any suggestions? I really need to use the darn thing to drag a lawn tomorrow afternoon. Thanks.
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You really shouldn't need a choke in August lol. Try pressing the primer on the carb bowl a few times for good measure and it should fire up just fine without it. As for fixing it, take the enrichment valve out of the carb, if it isn't stuck in there. You'll figure out pretty quick if its the valve or the cable. The valve assembly is about $35, and the cable is around $8. If it were mine I'd just order both anyway and keep any good old parts for spares.
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