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Raced my Buddys Can Am

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Well the other day my buddy & I went out & set up his bear bait stand. We drove the quads in a few kms off the road & trails were everything from snow to mud. He had just bought a 2006 Can Am 400. We tuned it up before we went out & he surely knows what I've modified on my mine. Well after we were all done with the bear bait & back at the truck, he says wanna run er? I was like sure... however I told him I know he would take me as he is an automatic tranny... But we continue on.... We were out in the middle of no where, so we lined up on the pave, counted to 3 and went for it! I had my quad in 2wd but made no difference as I figured. He took me, but only to top speed. Once we were both maxed out, he couldn't pull & I couldn't gain.. He said his speedo was showing 54mph... Overall he may have got me, but I still know I have the stronger quad! LMAO. He was struggling to haul his sled with bear bait, so I had to take it & drag it in for him! hahahahaha
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No pic of the race, but here's where the bait stand was...


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It was just for fun obviously, but again, I knew a clutch driven atv would leave me at the line. He bought the atv for hunting & hauling bear, deer & elk out of the woods. I'm sure it can do it, but like mentioned the rear of an IRS atv hates weight on it. My brute force was wild to steer with my wife on the back...
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