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Question on ES Shifting

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I have a 2007 Fourtrax TRX 500 FE Foreman, Replaced the shift motor. Angle sensor Ohm's out to the specs in a 2012 service manual found online. But what I found was the shaft that hooks to the angle sensor just twitches when you manual shift the gears. with a sensor reading from 0.75 to 5.32 ohms would think that shaft should turn 1/8 or more not just a quick twitch. When trying to shift I get 3 flashes on the gear select or goes to 1st then back to N. I did not remove any of the gears hooked to the shift motor teeth looked good. not sure how to time the gears, that is why I never removed them. Looks to me like the shaft is not turning. Any help would be great !! See attachment

How do you time the gears?
How much should the angle shaft turn?
What are 3 flashes on the gear select mean?
would replace the angle sensors but it ohms are OK?
Notice some angle sensors have a metal flat where it contacts the shaft, my don't. Is this an up-date??


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First make sure you can change gears with the manual shift tool.

If the manual shift tool does not work, you have a gear linkage problem.

You do not need to time the gears.

Assuming the manual gear shift works:
You measured 0.75 and 5.32 (K)ohms.
Was that with the angle sensor bolted on and the manual shift tool shifting?
If so, then the angle sensor works fine, and the shaft must be turning it.
The twitch in the shaft may be a little less than 1/8 turn, that's fine.
You need to turn the key off, which resets the ECU, then turn it on.
Check the voltage at the shift motor connector when you press
the shift button (motor connector disconnected). If the voltage does not
spike up then the ECU is bad (or possibly the wiring harness).
The voltage should spike up only once with the connector disconnected,
then the ECU will detect "NO SHIFT" and go into fault mode.

If you think a new ECU is too expensive, send me a message for
an alternative.
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