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Question for Shadetree or Helmut

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Yesterday I was reading the forum, but can't remember which section it was . But one of you guys said that your boss used this one parts dealer.It was not bikerbandit. I can't find this post to save my life. This distributor does not sell to the public you have to buy from one of there dealers. They had a great list of parts and numbers. That way I can order parts from one of there dealers that is located near me.I should have my butt kicked for not bookmarking that site. I sure hope you guys can help me out.
Thanks Dave C (clap)
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I remember the post that you're speaking of. Shadetree posted it. I'm thinking it was ATV Outfitters, but I might be wrong. Shadetree will know. I posted the link in case that's it.

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On second thought, I don't think that's it, but Shadetree will know.
Thanks Helmut. while I got your attention do I have to pull the pinion gear to replace the bearings in either side of the rear end. I got the bearing and 2 seals today in the mail for the backing plate on the brake side. 1 bearing , 1 large seal and 1 smaller seal. I hope thats right.Should have my axle nut wrenches on monday.
No, you don't have to pull the pinion gear to replace the two axle/diff bearings in both sides of the diff. You have to unbolt and split the diff case, because the bearings come out from the inside, but you don't have to remove the pinion gear.

For the brake backing plate, you should have one bearing and one seal, but the other seal might be for the brake drum cover.
Bump for Shadetree.
i think he said he would be back t/m
He was on a few minutes ago. He replied to a few threads.
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