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question about mods3 "power kit"

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I was looking at this kit for my 08 TRX250EX:

I know, if I wanted something fast, I should have gotten something bigger, but this is more about having fun and making it mine own. I want to do a few minor mods just to have fun.

My question is whether or not it's really worth it. My main concern is maintaining reliability. I have heard things can get iffy if you start messing around with the exhaust and jetting it. This is a weekend rider, so the last thing I want is to create any issues.

Secondly, regarding the exhaust, I don't want something obnoxious, I want it to be close to stock as possible. I've heard some quads with louder exhausts, and it's just ridiculous - no offense if anyone runs them here, I just simply don't like it. It sounds like a fart cannon on a 4 banger.

Lastly, would the stage 2:

Be a better buy? It doesn't have as much, and it's a slip-on exhaust instead of a full exhaust.

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I would go with the second one. The first one you wil have to crack the case to install the clutch kit. Bot th look great. You won't lose any reliability from adding the exhaust, intake, and jets. You will make it breathe better.
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