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question about mods3 "power kit"

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I was looking at this kit for my 08 TRX250EX:

I know, if I wanted something fast, I should have gotten something bigger, but this is more about having fun and making it mine own. I want to do a few minor mods just to have fun.

My question is whether or not it's really worth it. My main concern is maintaining reliability. I have heard things can get iffy if you start messing around with the exhaust and jetting it. This is a weekend rider, so the last thing I want is to create any issues.

Secondly, regarding the exhaust, I don't want something obnoxious, I want it to be close to stock as possible. I've heard some quads with louder exhausts, and it's just ridiculous - no offense if anyone runs them here, I just simply don't like it. It sounds like a fart cannon on a 4 banger.

Lastly, would the stage 2:

Be a better buy? It doesn't have as much, and it's a slip-on exhaust instead of a full exhaust.

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Agreed^^^^^^^ the exhaust, jet kit and filter will wake them up pretty good
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