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Question about boring the cylinder.

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Today I sent out a cylinder to get bored out. The cylinder belongs to a 2013 Honda foreman 500. The lady that had it said it started smoking and she kept driving it. Over time the smoking got worse (unbelievable right?!!??) and she called me to see if I can work on. I am not a Trained small engine mechanic but I am good around them. I tore the top end apart and realized the piston is scored, and so is the cylinder. the top of the piston has a harden oil sediment on it. and the valves are covered in oil.... so my question is this: I just sent the cylinder out to get bored over. with the boring I get a new piston, rings, and gaskets. the ATVs is still at TDC. Will I have to mess with timing? will I have different specs with setting the valves? any help would be awesome!
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little late to the party here, but I hope you at least know how to check the connecting rod at the top and bottom for any play ?, if the rod is bad ?, your wasting your money and time rebuilding the top end, it wont last !!.
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