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Put over 100 miles on the Rancher!

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Hey all,
Took my new to me 2007 Rancher up Deer hunting last weekend. We hunt at 9500 feet, and the weather was HOT and DUSTY. Unseasonably warm weather for Utah this year. It was the Muzzleloader deer hunt. Anyway, The fuel injection is awesome! Me and the other Honda owner (2009 rancher) had zero issues with starting or running ever. The other guy with the 400 Polaris (which also ran very well by the way), did have some starting issues in the mornings. We went over 100 miles over 3 days. I got a little saddle sore, but other than that I was way impressed with the Rancher. Never had to even use 4x4 and we took it on some pretty nasty passes. Lava Rock, Old Timber logging roads, Hill climbs, it performed well and never missed a beat. I had approximately 20 lbs. of gear with me (Rifle, gloves, coats, water, food), and I weigh 220, and it NEVER bogged down even climbing the steepest hills. I got mine up to 52 mph. The other Rancher got his up to 46 but had to slow down due to the road. The Polaris top speed was only 42, but it's a 98 model (explorer). This was my FIRST TIME really spending that much time on a 4 wheeler. I will likley never tool around the mountain in the old jeep ever again. The 4 wheeler was awesome! I went places that I've never even been on foot!
Just thought I'd pass that along.
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