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Push button start will not work.

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Hey everyone I'm new to the site.

So here goes: All I get is a clicking noise from the solenoid near the the battery. I did some research and found that I should clean all the terminals that relate with the starting system. I did all of that! I still get a clicking noise from it. The battery is fully charged. The kick start works. I also found that if you take a screwdriver and touch the top post of the solenoid it tries to start which it attempted to. Would I need to replace the solenoid? Please help!! Thanks.
plus I usually do a lot of riding through water and mud so I don't know if this could be another reason.

I have a 1996 Honda TRX300 (fourtrax)
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I am having the same problem. I have a 96 Fourtrax as well and it is clicking at the solenoid when I try to start it with the push button. It fires right up using the kick starter though. Im thinking that my problem is the solenoid as well so I was wondering if you purchased the solenoid online or at your local atv shop?
You probably already did this, but.....just to be safe, double check to make sure you have a fully charged battery, and try jumping the solenoid.
I had this same clicking noise from my solenoid, but after checking everything it turned out to be my starter.
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