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Pulling 350 foreman engine

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Started working on pulling the engine out of this 86 foreman today.

One of my daughters friends brought me an 87 TRX 350 (Non D) That “needed a top end”. When he dropped it off the top and have been off the bike for years, so obviously the bottom end will need to be gone through before that engine can be used again.

My solution is to swap a good engine out of an 86 into the kids bike and then give it back to him. This 86 supposedly ran well when parked, and would fire off when I got it.

So today I went about pulling the engine from the 86. Got the four motor mount bolts out, valve cover off, header pipe off, and then hit a snag. Got one of the cam gear bolts out, and then when I tried to use the kickstart to rotate things over, apparently the kickstart doesn’t work.
I figure that will be easier to address on the bench. What’s the trick to getting this thing out? Does it need to come out one side or the other? Can it come out with the head still on and the valve cover off?

Ran out of daylight so I had to cover it up and leave it for now
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How exactly do I get the motor out without pulling the swingarms? I think it was duck that said I can take the side shaft off Somehow and get the motor out without pulling the Swingarm. I took the bolts out of the front and rear shaft housings. Do they just pry off the engine now?
Not yet. Working at the church today.

Might try to get it tomorrow afternoon.

What does the “sub frame crossbar” look like?
Got it out yesterday Retro. That will definitely make things easier.

As of right now both of my mobile engine stands (old radio flyer wagons) are occupied, so I've got to move some stuff around to get one of them up to this 350 and transfer the engine
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LOL. Got it pulled yesterday, and used my old wheelbarrow to move the engine back to the shop.

Dragged the kid's 87 TRX350 out of the bushes and swapped on some good tires and wheels that I got on a parts bike so I can roll it around easier.

Now I need to pull his bottom end, get this good motor in there, and hopefully that will get it running so I can get it back to him.

Thanks for the help guys. I don't think I would have ever figured out that side shaft without yall telling me how it works.
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