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pull start catches

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2004 Honda Recon in otherwise pretty nice conditon.
I haven't ridden it in a while and more recently the pull start rope 'locks' up as I pull it.
Almost every pull it locks up early in the pull preventing it from turning over. Every 5 pulls or so it will go through normally.
What a pain because the battery is actually dead also so this is the only way to try to start it.
Not to mention the carb must need cleaning because it won't stay running but backfires alot.
What a shame since the carb is only about a year old and was put on buy a local shop.
Ran great last year when I brought it home.
Any suggestions or ideas what might be the problem with the pull start?
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i think without a good battery, you may fry your charging circuits, or worst. this i know, for dead batteries in trucks or cars. a charging circuit is not made to run the firing circuit, for the plugs, or plugs to work so to speak. if the battery is dead, most of the energy is wasted, trying to charge the dead battery. if you run lights even worst. in the old days, maybe. they used current charging back then.
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