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Hi. Just joined as I have a tired TRX and intend on giving it a new lease of life.
These 200's are pretty scarce over here and parts are thin on the ground too.
The vast majority of the work is going to be cosmetic but there are a few mechanical issues that need addressing...
  • It smokes badly, a lot of oil is being burned when it warms up.
  • The kingpin bushes are badly worn and there is a huge amount of play in the steering.
  • The rear brake drum has been cut apart and needs replacing.
  • When it is warm, it is hard to change gear.

I have some pictures from when I bought it. At the moment all the plastics have been stripped off to see what other issues I can find. Some really bad wiring repairs are also on the list of things to do!
All of the plastics are in poor condition, they are cracked, split or just missing. I will have to be inventive there as I have no chance of finding any replacements.
So, here are the pictures I have so far!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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