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Problem with Recon 250 ES

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Hello, as an owner of 3 Honda ATV’s I am deeply concerned about a design issue with my green 2018 Recon 250 with ES. Equally disturbing is the comany’s efforts to bury the issue, which is likely to result in litigation as my only recourse. The ATV has less than 50 hours on it and drains the battery when riding it over 2 hours with the lights on. North’s Services, a Honda dealer, has been able to duplicate the battery drain by letting the ATV idle for 2 hours, but Honda says this is in spec and I should ride the ATV with the lights off??? This is actually against state regulations on MA, which mandate running lights. Has anyone else had this issue? I will update the forum with the ongoing saga, especially if this ends up in litigation. Really pathetic response by Honda.
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Not sure that another dealer would have any impact, as the district rep has been involved and has indicated the ATV is operating in spec. Problem is that it is poorly designed and not capable of being ridden more than 2 hours with the lights on without draining the battery.
That's not a design problem; there is something specifically wrong with that machine, so it's more of a part/manufacturing problem. And an unwillingness to address from Honda problem. We have a 2004 Recon ES and can ride for hours on end with the lights on. It's never once drained the battery. I would keep forcing the issue with them or go above the regional Honda level.
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