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Hello. So I have an issue with my Honda 400ex or 440ex "bored out"
It blew a head gasket awhile ago.

I've already got all the parts back together etc etc but when I Put oil into the machine I noticed it sucked up over 3qts of oil and it's supposed to take just over 2... so I checked the left crank case cap "the big L wrench cap"
and it's pumping all the oil from the oil tank into the crank case... bad bad.. I took the whole Right crank case "cover" off again
"I never had the left side off."
And tried to see what I did wrong but there's nothing. It's all to spec. And all the lines are clear no plugs anywhere.

I've decided it isnt the oil pump since it's working .... and it wasn't a problem before so it's gotta be something I did.
Any hints?

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Clogged up oil cooler or vent line going to the valve cover would do that. Did you check and clean the oil screen in the bottom of the reservoir?
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