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Primer pump gas leak fixed 2001 foreman 450es

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I was running into a small gas leak this past winter during the late black powder hunting season.The leak was around the rubber part on the primer cold start not a bad leak but did smell a little gas when running but to cold to repair on the mountain.I then ran the bike this past easter and the vent tube also starting to pour gas out non-stop.I was thinking the float was stuck or a small dirt was sticking the float needle.I did remove the primer pump and found the small rubber seal seem to slip into the housing on one side so it was a easy fix just set the rubber back in place used a little wheel bearing grease and set it aside for a day or two.I was told the bike does't not need the primer pump to run and over the years I never did use it.I had the bike running in cold N.E. temp: never had any need for it.I wanted to see if I make up a block off plate will it effect the running of the Quad.I made the plate installed into the housing keeping the small spring and it work no gas leak.I know Honda get 80.00 bucks for the part and aftermarket runs 30.00.
I then removed the plate and re-installed the factory pump and it was repaired No Leaks.I will keep the block off plate just incase I need it and not spend the extra bucks.
I then was think in removing the carb: and rebuilding but I did read some-were if the needle sticks to shake the bike and it work the gas stop I ran the Quad for about 15 Mi. runs excelllent I did also install under the plastic cover a paper fuel filter and added some sea foam to the gas,I think for now I will pass on the rebuilding kit seem run good.
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here is a picture on the foreman hope you guys don't mind the deer ,this doe was taken during the late blaack powder season with my flintlock
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