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possible transmission problem?????

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I have a 2004 Rancher 400 AT that I purchase new. I took it to the shop for two recalls (transmission/tie rod) in 2005. I haven't ridden it very much since(it has 154 mile on it now.) I start it from every once in while to keep the battery charged. I took it out last weekend and it would not go over 20 mph while in ESP. When I put it in AUTO it will go about 30 mph. It will idle all day long and seems to have plenty of power. Last weekend I rode it 15 miles up and down old logging roads without any problems other than the speed issue.

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?
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It's not cutting out and backfiring or anything like that, it's like I am holding the throttle wide open in 2nd or 3rd gear, it is wound tight. I took the left side cover off last night and let it idle while I sat beside it and changed gears, I could hear it change each time I pushed the button. It's weird, I can hear it go into 1st and 2nd but as I going into 3rd, 4th and 5th it is harder to hear each gear change. It's like they get progressively quieter. (If that makes sense)
Everything looks fine, no codes flashing.
I didn't know it had high/low range. Where can I change it?

I can't find anything in the owners manual about high/low range.
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