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Position of electric shift gears?? HELP?

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I have a 2006 350 Rancher with the electric shift on it, and low and behold, Ive been having problems with it not shifting, and giving me the 3 blinks diagnostic code. So last night I was browsing around for a solution to the problem. I've heard of changing the shift angle sensor but I just had a feeling that wasn't going to do it. So I found the post on here about the grease on the gears b behind the shift motor. So I took it apart and when I did it all fell apart and the gears fell out. now in that post it says to make sure to take note of what position the gears were in. Well since they fell out I couldn't tell what position they were in. The bike is in neutral. So what I need to know is what position do I need to put the gears back in? I've looked on here a little bit but I can't find anything. Please please help yall!!
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start with getting the service manual from the site here.
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