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Porting my Head

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Ok guys I have an extra head for my quad actually everything but the crank to build another engine. I took the head to the shop today and bead blasted all the funk off it it looks like a new head now. I taped up the top and bottom faces so the beading wouldn't pit them.
I will be porting the head next week sometime, after I finish my homework first, I'm carrying it to a local machine shop to have it Flow tested stock so I'll know where I'm at on factory CFM specs. Then it's off to the workbench and die-grinder dremel. I have done old V-8 heads so this one should be fairly simple. there is alot of casting defects to remove on the intake side and where the intake mates to the head I can see about 1.5 to 2 mm of the head so port matching that will be first. the exhaust side is pretty much the same way but I'm only going to drum sand the port and opening to clean it and reshape the exit to match the copper exhaust bushing. I will post up some progress pics as soon as I start.
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That would be cool to see what gains you get. Somebody in Louisville has one but I have never seen it. Heard about it.
My buddy told me today that there was a guy here in town that had a motorcycle/ATV Dyno that I may be aboe to get a few pulls on for about 40 bucks. I'm going to find out tomorrow if he still has it.
Oh I will definitely do that if I can get it done and they print out the results I will post the sheet too.

Get some pics .
Good luck man.I'd like to do this to mine.:icon_ peace:
Well I started porting this morning I got to work early since this is the only time I have to do anything. So far it's turning out really well I have one intake bowl opened a little more rounded and smoothed the area around the valve guide with a smooth transition from the throat to the bowl. The first picture shows what it looked like well now there is no step lip to the valve guide and the bowl sides have a nice roll down into the intake throat. i have removed some of the edge in the third picture opening up the mouth some. More to come and pictures too!!
Me no see pictures!?!?!?!
me no have camera

Me no see pictures!?!?!?!
Damn, Hey you should have wore a Go pro on your head while doing it... then we could all watch!
Believe me if I could afford that right now I would but Ho-Ho's coming

Damn, Hey you should have wore a Go pro on your head while doing it... then we could all watch!
If you just get one Ho it's not as expensive! LMAO
LMAO yeah but I would pick the wrong one knowing my luck and it would stilll be expensive. lol.... I got 4 kids to buy for so I'll have to wait on the helmet cam. they come first. ya'll understand
Absolutely, X-mas is all about the kids.
My wife and I do not buy eachother any gifts for X-mas the tree is filled underneath with just the kids things. and as they get older the gifts move
Im getting my middle son his first atv this year
I will post some progress pics up this evening, i will take my head back home and grab the wife's camera.
ok I took this with my phone so the detal sucks a little. The upper left valve bowl is 90% completed I have to smooth out a few rough areas I started the right upper 50% i'd say. I also sanded the combustion area and did a quick polist to see where my imperfections are. I will try to take some beter pics tomorrow.

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Looking Good!!
I have to order a long shaft burr bit i can't reach the center of the runners too well other than that it's coming along nicely, I'm going through sanding drums like crazy!! lol. I knock off the cast defects with a burr bit and smooth with a drum so far so good, I got the bowls shaped really nice they actually look like a bowl now and not like a half-bowl.
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