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Porting my Head

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Ok guys I have an extra head for my quad actually everything but the crank to build another engine. I took the head to the shop today and bead blasted all the funk off it it looks like a new head now. I taped up the top and bottom faces so the beading wouldn't pit them.
I will be porting the head next week sometime, after I finish my homework first, I'm carrying it to a local machine shop to have it Flow tested stock so I'll know where I'm at on factory CFM specs. Then it's off to the workbench and die-grinder dremel. I have done old V-8 heads so this one should be fairly simple. there is alot of casting defects to remove on the intake side and where the intake mates to the head I can see about 1.5 to 2 mm of the head so port matching that will be first. the exhaust side is pretty much the same way but I'm only going to drum sand the port and opening to clean it and reshape the exit to match the copper exhaust bushing. I will post up some progress pics as soon as I start.
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That should rip...maybe 80!
I just figured if a 300ex can hit 75... why not.
Me no see pictures!?!?!?!
Damn, Hey you should have wore a Go pro on your head while doing it... then we could all watch!
If you just get one Ho it's not as expensive! LMAO
Absolutely, X-mas is all about the kids.
Only because 300ex didn't do my engine work I'm a po' boy i gots to do all my own
He can build my 450 up!!! I'm obviousley doing something wrong...
Very nice, can't wait to see
Damn!!! I have to wear pants??
Nope, just cover up with a relative...:icon_gd:
Yeah... i prefer fish!!! Something without claws.
Oh Look who's late to the party.. lol
Well excuse me! I work one job then I have to come home and make templates and sell my soul for business!:icon_ devil:
I thought it was shaved butt Mountain Goats??? LOL

Yeah... i prefer fish!!! Something without claws.
Again, that is something that can cause damage if you make a sudden move!
You know the saying hear in the south, Closer Kin deeper in thats why we marry our cousins
I just puked a little..LOL
WOW Mud! If there was a line on the internet... you would have crossed it!

That was the first time I have heard it! LOL
Good job, can't wait to see the final product.
I need to go straighten up my garage so I have room to put all of my parts that I am going to be removing.
It actually feels pretty good as of lately. It still needs to be fixed before i can ride. My dad is going to help by doing all the heavy lifting for me.
Good luck, can't wait to see.
That is REALLY crappy. Sorry, moose.
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