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Porting my Head

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Ok guys I have an extra head for my quad actually everything but the crank to build another engine. I took the head to the shop today and bead blasted all the funk off it it looks like a new head now. I taped up the top and bottom faces so the beading wouldn't pit them.
I will be porting the head next week sometime, after I finish my homework first, I'm carrying it to a local machine shop to have it Flow tested stock so I'll know where I'm at on factory CFM specs. Then it's off to the workbench and die-grinder dremel. I have done old V-8 heads so this one should be fairly simple. there is alot of casting defects to remove on the intake side and where the intake mates to the head I can see about 1.5 to 2 mm of the head so port matching that will be first. the exhaust side is pretty much the same way but I'm only going to drum sand the port and opening to clean it and reshape the exit to match the copper exhaust bushing. I will post up some progress pics as soon as I start.
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Best of Luck!!
What is the top speed of your quad Moose?
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! My 400ex does around 65mph
I rode a Banshee once the Kid claimed it hit 90mph
It was a drag quad. It was FAST
Thats pretty Fast!
No Dought!! Thats pretty Fast
LOL!!!!!!!!!! 300 are Really Fast!
Awww! That would be cool.
DYNO your quad when your done.
That would be cool to see what gains you get. Somebody in Louisville has one but I have never seen it. Heard about it.
Looking Good!!
die grinder or dremel tool?
I have to order a long shaft burr bit i can't reach the center of the runners too well other than that it's coming along nicely, I'm going through sanding drums like crazy!! lol. I knock off the cast defects with a burr bit and smooth with a drum so far so good, I got the bowls shaped really nice they actually look like a bowl now and not like a half-bowl.
Handy tools!! I have them and love them.
You give one hell of a head job Moose! Keep up the Great work!
Well I pretty much have done all I am going to do in the combustion area it's pretty slick and shiny my camera phoe dosen't do it any justice.
Its definetly more rewarding when you do it yourself!
I am really can't wait for the final results! AWESOME!!!
When I was younger I rebuilt a motor for my Camaro. I had a manuakl shift in it and I missed a gear and over reved the engine and broke a valve off. JUNKED the piston on ##3 cylinder. P----- me off too!
I am sorry to hear about your unhappy moment. Just don't think that a cigg will make it better. It will not!
1 - 16 of 162 Posts
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