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Well the procedure for porting and polishing a head is basically the same with any head. the key thing to remember is bigger isn't always better in this you mainly want to clean up any imperfections and casting defects. You will need a crap load of spiral roll and cartridge roll sanding supplies, Saint Gobain abrasives is the best place I have found to get them. You do not want to polish the intake side only the exhaust ports that allows for smoother flow of exhaust and keeps carbon build-up to a minimum. I have some pics in my album I think of what myhead looks like. Just do yourself a favor and DONOT make the mistake I did and not replace the valves, valve springs. I destroyed to whole topend of my engine for being a cheap my new head is complete I'm just waiting on the extra funding to buy all new vavles, springs, ect ect. good luck and TAKE your time!! if you do not get each port opened equally you can do more harm than good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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