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poping in rearend

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hi I'm new here. i have a 300 fourtrax 4x4 about a 95 model. just started hearing a popping sound coming from the rear end when making a turn. sounds like the 3rd member maybe the pinion and the ring gear is not meshed tight enough. i have not taken one of these apart yet. if this is the issue can i adjust this ? thank you for any help
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Welcome to the forum, and stop riding it.

More than likely you have worn out bearings and the popping is the gears not meshing properly. Either that or the splines between the ring gear and axle, or axle and hub is slipping.

Disassemble NOW and see what things look like, and you might get by with new bearings and seals. If you keep riding it you'll have to replace gears too.

Where are you located?
thank you fella's, i know it didn't sound good. i will take apart as soon as it stops raining and warms up a bit.
jeepwm69 i am located south of louisville ky but i am from Georgia. where can i order parts for this rear end from?
Depends on what you end up needing. G&H discount ATV has just about anything you need.

If you just need bearings and seals for the rear diff, I would suggest BOSS bearings (they have a website).

Don't order anything until you've torn it down to see what all you need. A lot of this stuff is sold in "kits" so you don't want to order just bearings and then find you need the kit with bearings AND a ring and pinion.

Post back up with what you find when you take everything apart. If you need gears or other bits we can advise.
No, parts for 300's are still easy to find. SOME parts, if you want brand new OEM parts, are discontinued or expensive, but the aftermarket is HUGE and good used OEM parts are cheap.
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