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poping in rearend

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hi I'm new here. i have a 300 fourtrax 4x4 about a 95 model. just started hearing a popping sound coming from the rear end when making a turn. sounds like the 3rd member maybe the pinion and the ring gear is not meshed tight enough. i have not taken one of these apart yet. if this is the issue can i adjust this ? thank you for any help
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95 is a good one to have , I have one and love it , every week it seems another OEM part becomes no longer available , good thing I did a print out of the parts list for my 1974 XL250 as Partzilla just dropped that model/year from their list ---------- Before I would start tearing it apart , I would jack it from under the frame and check your swing arm bearings , when they go out completely they make a terrible pop , if there are loose then if you take the rear end out it would be a good time to address it , then drain the differential oil into a clean container and see what comes out , also check for play at the tires looking for bearing play in the hubs and differential
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