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Polaris pull offs

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Found a set of 24x12s off a Polaris. Didn’t see a brand name on the tire it just has Polaris on them. I can get them for 150.00 . Does anyone have any experience with these and do y’all think they’re worth it ?
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No not turf tires, the tread pattern reminds me of dirt devils. Rims come with them although I don’t have use for them. Just thought they might be good to have an extra set around.
No its not the carlisle 489s. From what I understand they were take offs still mounted on the factory wheels. I didn’t look that close to see the ply of the tire,
just glanced at the size and seen no brand name other than Polaris on them. I’ll try to swing back by and give them the eye again. Thanks for all the replies.
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Went back by and gave em a look. They are 6ply tires made for Polaris by Wanda tires. Any one ever ran any tires by Wanda? Chinese imports but what else is new.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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