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i have an 04 honda 400 4x4 foutrax rancher FGA model.i friend of mine is selling his plow off an o4 bombardier outlander. the plow mount under the quad not to the rear hitch.could i make it fir to my quad?
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Is it a front mount or bottom mount plow? Do you know the brand?

If it's from a company still in business... and the plow is a bottom mount... you may able to get the correct plow mount for your ATV... if not... many make a universal mount that you could make work... as long as you can get it to mate up to the plow push tube... if you have any fabrication skills (or know someone that does)... you can likely make it work regardless...

If it's a front mount plow... it would be much harder To make it work... and likely won't be worth the hassle
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