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I'm torn between the Warn ProAdvantage or KFI Pro-S series plow setup for my Foreman 500..
They're about the same price point but not sure which one to pick.. being Canadian we're kind of limited with brands and cost. I heard ClickNGo2 would be good but I can't find any online reviews

I'm looking at $700CAD

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KFI's are built like a tank. And lots of guys like the simplicity and easy setup of a mid-mount. But lots of other guys prefer the ease of the front mount that Warn offers. Front mount can take a bit more tuning to get heights and angles right so it doesn't tuck up under if you impact something. But I hear once they are set up properly they are just as reliable as a mid-mount, with some added convenience. Both are built extremely well though so you can't go wrong there.

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all the major brands are pretty close in what they offer to each other
a good idea is getting one that local shops carry parts for, like skids and or pin's(I keep extra's on hand, as nothing sucks more than if you drop a pin and cannot find it LOL
I also paint mine Orange now too, helps find them in the snow if I drop one(or more likely, place it on seat or back rack and pullout and forget there there and then they fall off?? God knows where, and have to wait till spring time to find them LOL)

extra skids are nice to have, due to they are wear items and every yr they go UP in price it seems, so, having an extra set, will come in handy when you need em and save a few pennys till the third set is needed LOL
I'm personally a Moose brand plow guy
I like the skids on the far corners, saves blade from digging on on the ends at full angle, as to some that have them in more from the ends!
and mine has been built like a tank and beat up and works like new yet
and all my local shops carry parts for them

I couldn;t ask more of a plow

a little advice if your going to use a winch to plow with
SYN line will last a little longer than wire rope, its just more flexible,
and DON"T over IN with the winch, that is number one reason line snaps on you with a winch to lift plow!
you'll see in time what I mean LOL
everyone OVER in's at times? and snap, goes the line to the plow
I personally learned how to re tie on wire rope to the hook in about 1 minute or less LOL to get me back up and running
been snow plowing with atv for almost 20 yrs now, you learn some tricks as times goes by!
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