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Hi all. I recently had a cycle country 4' plow put on my Recon and I plan on adding some weight to the back when plowing. I have chains on the rear tires and was curious on whether you would add one 50 pound bag of rock salt to the back rack or two bags? 100 pounds seems like a lot to me but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks!

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I found this so it may help its for a 04 model
FourTrax Recon/ES
Retail Price: $3299/$3499
Type: Single-cylinder, four-stroke, longitudinally mounted pushrod
Displacement: 229cc
Bore x Stroke: 68.5x62.2mm
Cooling: Air-cooled
Carburetion: Keihin 22mm
Lubrication: Wet sump
Oil Capacity: 1.6 qt
Starting: Electric with auxiliary recoil
Drive System: 2x4
Transmission: 5-speed auto clutch with reverse; Electric Shift Program (ES only)
Front-Wheel-Drive: NA
Rear-Wheel-Drive: Shaft
Suspension (Type/Travel)
Front: Dual A-arms/5.1 in.
Rear: Swingarm/4.9 in.
Front: 22x7-11
Rear: 22x10-9
Front: Dual hydraulic drums
Rear: Mechanical drum
Parking: Yes
Wheelbase: 44.5 in.
Claimed Dry Weight: 406 lb/
414 lb
Ground Clearance: 6.0 in.
Length/Width/Height: 70.6/40.7/41.5 in.
Seat Height: 30.6 in.
Fuel Capacity: 2.4 gal.
Load Capacity
Front/Rear Rack Capacity: 33/66 lb
Hitch Tongue/Towing Capacity: NA/optional hitch
Taillight: Yes
Headlight: Dual 25-watt high/low beam
DC Outlet: NA
Alternator: 123 watts
Fuel Gauge: NA
Speedometer: NA
Odometer: NA
Hourmeter: NA
Tripmeter: NA
High Beam Indicator: NA
Neutral/Reverse Light: Yes
High-Temperature Light: NA
Colors: Olive, red, yellow

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I would not put more weight on it than the sticker says you can.
I don't like to abuse things. Is it a 4x4? Me and dad have a Yamaha BigBear and we never weigh it down. It spins under a heavy load of snow or gravel, but it keeps stuff from breaking

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Nobosy pays attention to rack weights anyway. they can hold more than they say.

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The front box was built years ago to carry my chainsaw or fencing supplies. I pulled it off and am gonna add this to the rear...pretty sure the chainsaw will sit in it if needed. Ordered it from Cabelas...had $25 built up from my Cabelas card and had a $20 off code so I got it for $45 off.


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You get much snow were you live?
Middletown, VA. Not a whole lot but we live on a non state-maintained dead end road and have a 100 yard gravel driveway. We have always depended on the neighbor farmer to plow us with his Kabota (sp?). We got 20 inches on December 19th...that is what laid this plan into effect.

It feels good not to feel dependent on someone else. He would never accept money but with a significant snow, we were truly stuck until he came.

Plus we have a 2 1/2 year old and it feels good to know we can get out if anything ever happened and we had to take him to the doctor.
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