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Please Help Rebuilt motor and wont shift??

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:confused: well i just got done rebuilding my motor 2002 Rancher 350 TM
i havent started it yet just got it back on the frame tonight and i started to try and shift though the gears it shift very roughly and you have to play with it to shift it goes up 4 gears and seems like it skips neutral and then goes to reverse but then you can still shift down like it doesnt stop ive tried playing with the clutch it just changes it a little but its still far from shifting wright what did i do wrong? thanks for any help on this one i dont know where i went wrong
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Hey I completly took everything apart from top to bottem.
Aslo put new Clutch plates too
Hey ya i know and it does suck. im just trying to get an idea before i blindly go tearing into what do think it might be something with the shift forks or drum? and thanks for the help
yeah ive got the manual i reckon i just have to tear back apart:icon_cussing:
hey shade tree i tore it back apart today i didnt see anything wrong so i guess i just going to be real carefull this time! lol i am also rebuilding my brothers same model just got th case back together today and it works perfect thanks for the help
hey i took the gears apart and found i had the m3 gear that the shift fork goes into upside down
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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