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05 foreman 500
Issues nothing light up on gauges except for oil light check fuses ate good it will turn over but won't run is it because of the display not working
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Hello everyone my name is Stu
I have a 05 foreman 500 I have had it for 3 years never had any problems at all until now so I turn my key on and nothing but my oil light no neutral nothing where do I start the fuses are good and it will try to turn over when I crank it but won't never run and is that because of my display is not working

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as for starting, cannot say for sure if its due to display NOT working or not, MAYBE< depends on what all is causing display to not work

I think you need to start tracing wires, sounds like one is damaged, maybe a mouse chewed thru one? happens a lot more than you think!

next would be HOW old is fuel?
is battery good and strong?
how does spark plug look?

kill switch is NOT in the OFF position is it??(don;t laugh this happens too pretty often)
then check wires to kill switch
again, sounds like you have a wiring issue, from either a mouse, or from rubbing thru and causing your electrical issue!
till you fix/find that its not going to be easy to tell if NOT starting is related or not, due to what wire is bad , can or again cannot be the cause of NO start here!
get a service manual and look at wiring info, and trace wires ,look for damaged one';s
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