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I am having a problem with my 450 es shift, have been going thru the steps in the service manual checking battery, etc. Can anyone please do me a favor and connect a volt meter to your battery, turn on the lights and rev up your engine slowly, my symptoms point to a faulty voltage regulator/rectifier, when I rev my machine up my voltage slowly drops, the higher the rev the lower she goes. mabye triggering an ECM fault, my year machine does not show the fault, you can reset by turning the key off then on and rocking the machine and using the es to shift back to Neutral to restart. I also disconnected the speed sensor and found that the voltage at the Blue/Black wire to GND was 11.25 volts dc, 1 volt less than the battery was showing, according to the manual I should get battery voltage. I have also done a leak test on the battery, 1.5 mA, which is under the 5mA by the manual, disconnected the Voltage reg. and was the same, manaul then says (faulty regulator) not sure if this is my shift problem but would sure appreciate if anyone can confirm the requests above
Thanks so much
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