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Here's a review:

You start off with 220 grit wet sand paper. This grit with take the longest, because this is the grit you will use to get rid of all the scratches and faded areas. Make shure that when you sand you sand with the lines of the plastics, otherwise the scratches will show up more when you aply the PC racing clear on it. For example on the hood sand straight up and down the hood, not left to right across it, or diagonaly. Sand with this grit untill you are down to new plastic that hasn't been faded by the sun, or untill the scratches are gone. You won't be able to sand out all of the scratches, but sand untill it is to your liking.

The go up to 320 grit wet sand paper, and sand untill there are no more 220 scratches. The step up to 400 grit wet sand paper, and sand untill there are no more 320 scratches.

Now it is time to aply the clear coat that is provided in the kit. Put some of the clear on the cloth that comes with the kit, and aply 3 coats of clear. Make shure to aply it the same way you sanded, in long smooth even strokes, going with the lines of the plastic. After 3 coats, lightly buff it with the fine grit steel wool that comes with the kit. Then aply 2-5 more coats of clear, this time buffing with the steel wool in between every coat. And thats it.

There are only a few complaints I have had with this, well actualy one. Where the plastic flexes, over time the clear will start to get spider web cracks in it. To fix this wet sand with 400, and re-aply the clear in that area.

And finaly I do have a few sugestions to make it turn out better. The first is when you are sanding with the 220, keep sanding, even if you thik it's good keep sanding. You won't sand through the plastic, and the more you sand the better it will look. The second I would sugest that after the 400 grit wet sanding, step up to 600 grit wet sand, then 1200 wet sand before you aply the clear. The last thing, the kit only comes with a few sheets of sand paper. If you are sanding alot like I did with my 300ex you will need to go out and buy more sand paper. I will post pics of how my old 300ex turned out.

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I use SC1 by Maxima. Spray it on after washing and drying bike. Your bike will look like new and it also helps to make mud and dirt hose right off. It's a little pricey but works so well and is so easy to apply I think it is worth it.
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