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Plastic installation problem

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2016 Rancher and I can't seem to get the right side plastic back on after changing oil. I can't get two of the prongs back into the grommets. Also the black piece over the tank cover doesn't seem to have prongs to fit into the grommets in the front.
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Nothing seems to fit. Can I separate the black top part from the side panel? Maybe that will take some tension off.
A friend with the identical model Rancher helped me ID the problem. Under the black tank cover are two prongs that fit into the grommets up front under these tank cover "wings". Once these are in the rest of the plastic grommets and prongs line up easily. My problem is the two prongs are broken off or missing under here. Any suggestions as to how to add new prongs or another solution? A new tank cover is $70 plus shipping.

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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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