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Piston riding cylinder wall

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Hello fellow riders. I have a problem I’m looking to pick someone’s brain on.
Rancher was smoking a little and I discovered my intake valve seal was leaking. I also found a little pitting in cylinder wall so I decided to do a full top end rebuild. After first rebuild It started smoking after 4 or 5 hours so I broke it back down and found the piston was riding the cylinder wall on the exhaust side and scared it allowing oil to get in combustion chamber. Hoping the hone was bad I ordered a stock cylinder and piston and did it again. After getting the cylinder on I noticed the piston is still leaning towards that exhaust side, (see attached picture.) i’m worried if I put this thing back together and start it it’s going to scar the new cylinder again. I have no up and down play in the rod.

Anyone have any ideas what would cause this? I’ve tried different clock positions with the rings and seems like no matter what I do it leans to that side.

Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated!


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If it's a 420 nobody makes a rod kit for it yet.

And yeah, I agree that the rod must be tweaked. I had the exact same scenario with the 08 I bought, and when I put a new used crank that was good the thing was perfect.

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