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Hey guys as I posted earlier I purchased an 03 350 rancher es Looks in very good shape, however it has the dreaded ES problems and is currently stuck in reverse. I did a bunch of searching and watched youtube videos but wondering what you guys think my course of action should be as it seems like it could be a number of things.

When I turn the key the R comes on and if I try to shift the motor makes a noise but nothing happens. It only makes a noise in one director, not the other. If I try the manual shifter, it doesnt work either. If I go to the left I can actually hear the motor making a noise I think? Is this right? Ive never owned an ES model before.

I also cant attempt to start it because it is stuck in reverse.

Should I try harder to manually shift? I am scared I will break something.

Ive seen ppl say its the shift plate, the module the angle sensor, the gears from, the shifter motor, the shifter motor itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just wondering what I should start checking first.



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When you manually shift its stiff the whole way but it doesn't feel like it wants to stop till after the gear changes. If you are trying to manually shift and it feels like it stops then no do not try harder because yes you will break something.

Check the reverse cable that it is indeed engaging.
Here's the list of codes for your bike:
1 gear indicator flash ecu writing and recording circuit.
2 es shift switch up and down
3 angle sensor system
4 gear position switch system
5 ecu motor driver circuit
6 ecu fail-safe relay circuit
7 ecu voltage convert circuit
8 angle sensor system
9 angle sesor system
10 ignition pulse generator system
11 vehicle speed sensor system
12 gear postion switch system

I'm not as familiar with this bike as others but if the reverse cable is engaged and still won't shift manually that's usually bad news meaning a tear down for a tranny problem.

I know shadetree knows a great deal on these bikes and could probably yell you how to get it started in gear.
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