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Picked up a 2015 Foreman - Tailgate Question

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Picked this 2015 up. 39.2hr and 177 miles. Foot shift with Power Steering. I'm a little nervous about my tailgate though when hauling it. I bought an LA Guard Dog, but I'm wondering if I should put 2x10s the length of the to the end of the lowered tailgate to help distribute the load. I know the LA Guard Dog grabbing on to the hitch will hold some weight up and keep the back end from bouncing and putting dynamic loads on the tailgate. Should I be concerned about my tailgate getting damaged?


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Some folks use flat bar instead of those crimped wire supports. They're easy to make, and can be easily switched back to the OEM supports. Have good quality tie-downs for the front of your quad. Next 'truck' . . . 8' box ? :smile
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