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Picked up a 2015 Foreman - Tailgate Question

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Picked this 2015 up. 39.2hr and 177 miles. Foot shift with Power Steering. I'm a little nervous about my tailgate though when hauling it. I bought an LA Guard Dog, but I'm wondering if I should put 2x10s the length of the to the end of the lowered tailgate to help distribute the load. I know the LA Guard Dog grabbing on to the hitch will hold some weight up and keep the back end from bouncing and putting dynamic loads on the tailgate. Should I be concerned about my tailgate getting damaged?


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get a trailer, or a longer truck bed !. the cables they use today just flat out suck !!!!. bought my 2000 chevy Silverado brand new, two months into ownership, the tail gate cables started to fray, found out about a recall on them through the grape vine, never from the dealership !!, went to them, asked them to replace them, they said they was busy, did not have time .wth ?! told them to hand them to me, i'd replace them, took less than 2 mins to change them out. they are worthless !!!!. do not haul ANYTHING SITTING ON YOUR OEM FACTORY TAIL GATE !!.
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and the reason for the recall ?..some folks were sitting on a tail gate, the cables broke, and they ended up in the hospital !.
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