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Some great areas to ride are on the Paiute Trail system in central Utah. Here is a video that gives some of the scenery you will encounter.

The scenery is much the same as the Arapeen Trails just a little north.

I drove east from Beaver Utah yesterday on highway 153 which is paved about half the way to Junction. Junction is the county seat of Paiute county, which has a population under 2,000 people. So it's all small town and just about the major industry seems to be the Paiute Trail system, maybe 1000 or 2000 miles of various atv trails with small towns along the way and camp grounds everywhere. So you can park the truck and trailer or camper and spend days out on the trails from one or more spots.

The kids are back in school so it's mostly adults out there at this time. The weather is getting cooler but there is still some beautiful riding out there, with the leaves just starting to turn colors.

Coming up highway 89 from Junction there were many atver's out there and many beautiful camp grounds along the highway with access into the mountains on both sides of the road. But you still would no be crowded on the trails. And if you stop whoever comes along will check to be sure you don't need help.

So, if you get the chance ... I can tell you it would be worth it ...
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