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2002 Honda rancher 350FE. Okay got the OEM carb, installed would you recommend turning gas off and running the bowl dry or just shut gas off when not in use. Trying to avoid the needle valve leaking for as long as possible. Been through brakes, wheel bearings, fuel system top to bottom, new OEM carb, changed all fluids. Now just crossing my fingers I get a fair amount of use before anything else shows up.
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Don't ever put any cheap gas in it. No ethanol ever. Keep the fuel fresh in the tank, always less than 30 days old. Turn the petcock off when you park it for the night. If you're gonna store it for more than 30 days, drain the entire fuel system. It works for me, I don't have any carb troubles on any of my equipment. And I have a lot of VERY old stuff.
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