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Ooops from the newbie!

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Okay, so YES, I am a bone head!

Yesterday, I went to use the new-to-me TRX300FW. No problem, right? I just changed ALL the fluids & spark plug. Running like a top.

So I start it, and it is running a little rough. I figure, let it warm up. I back it out of the garage. Running pretty rough at this point. Mrs. Mandoo is right there watching. I can see she is not happy. I try to give it gas, it hesitates and stalls. I start it, and it immediately stalls. I can't get it started. Mrs. is giving me the look because of the boat anchor I JUST bought! I'm trying to think what happened. It was fine when I parked it the night before. I didn't touch or adjust ANYTHING. There is PLENTY of fuel in the tank.

*NOTE TO SELF* Turn on the fuel BEFORE you try to ride!

Lesson learned. Wife is happy again. I am happy. Life is good.

I deserve the bone head of the year award!
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your not the first, and surely wont be the last to do this !. next will be to remember to put the '' kill switch '' back in the middle !
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