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Only 1 wheel engages in forward gears

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I have a 1997 trx400fw and it's been sitting a while now but I am hoping to get it set up to plow this winter! After a good carb clean and starter rebuild I have her purring like a kitten but when I tried to take it for a rip I was only getting the front left wheel to engage....put it in reverse and she will drive over anything but not in the forward gears! Finally got it to the road and went through all the gears and it's now only engaging the front right wheel but still has great reverse traction! Any ideas??
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Thanks for the input...would that still be the case even when in reverse I get all 4 wheels and lots of traction? It's only when I try forward gears that it is only one forward wheel that turns under throttle....I did get it going about 20km/hr and through all the gears but that was on flat ground
I will investigate all your ideas for sure....first being the clutch adjustment and fluid levels and then the splines and testing all the wheels while up in the air! Thx again all for your input...I guess I was hoping to find another member that has had this exact same issue for a more direct answer rather that possibilities! Appreciate your input so far folks
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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