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One headlight one 350 rancher

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I have one headlight on my 350 rancher...i want to replaced the with Led lights in the light spots...any ideas?
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I bought this set of 18W auxbeam with a wire harness for less than $50 from Amazonia. They are very bright I think I would have been happier with the spot beam. The lights are good but the 40W harness was great


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To me the factory halogens have a different color spectrum than the LEDs, yes the are brighter when you look into them, but when looking down a dark trail halogen has a more of a daylight effect (yellowish like the sun) and with the LED colors seem to blend together.

Or is it just me? The comparisons on the web are all LED manufacturers, and not very independent on there opinions

I think the LEDs are a great advancement for power saving and longevity but I think the industry is in a brightness competition and not what's really the best for night vision.

And is it a good idea to blind a 2000 pounds SXS headed down the trail at you?
I agree my lights illuminate a much wider field of view than they should and the light is bluish. My halogen beam is much more concentrated
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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