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Old Oil??

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I bought 2 Mule 1000s and they have been sitting awhile but that is not the question, the question is that they came with a case of ArticCat 10w-30 oil new? I am guessing that the oil is at least two or three years old and is it safe to use being new? It says it is safe for wet clutchs so should be fine in the 250ex and the AT right? Thanks
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highly agree with redracer from being a diesel mechanic. Oil does not break down when it is air tightly sealed. Its more than likely fine. Other wise, there is no need to waste it. If you are worried about it, I'd run it in an old car or truck that you are not worried about it. But, thermal breakdown, contaminants, and mositure really only get in if there is not an air tight seal. Hope this helps.
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