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Hi Gang, recently purchased a 2000 foreman TRX450ES

when I got it it had very low compression (like 20)

Rebuilt top end (it was obvious it was over heated based on the piston condition.

I just got it running and it runs great, but I want to make sure the oil cooling system works correctly.

My oil temp light does not turn on when I turn the key on, is it supposed to (do not have manual)?

I did a number of tests on the system based on my repair manual and the bulb is good (because if I ground the blue\red wire from the oil temp control unit plug to ground the light turns on and all the other wiring tests check out good (green wire is connected to ground), so if it is supposed to turn on when the key is on (and unit not running) then from what I am reading in the manual it seems I need a new control unit, but wanted to be sure before I spent $140 on a new OEM one (after markets ones are about 60 on line but would rather get oem).

If I run all the other tests the manual has on the wiring it all checks out good EXCEPT that the resistance on the oil temp sensor is not what the book said, but neither was the temp. It should be between 10,000-9,500 ohms and mine is about 13500. The engine is cold. it is about 70 outside now and book says it needs to be at 77 for the reading. I ran it around the yard and warmed it up, not a over 77 for sure and retested and got about 7500 ohms, so I am thinking the sensor is ok as the manual says warmer is lower, colder is higher.

Second question, does this sound ok or should I change the sensor too?

the manual had some other wiring type tests on the cooling system and they all check out.

If I put power to the fan wires the fan turns on as well.

Thanks in advance for the input :smile
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