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Oil overheat warning light

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I have a 2002 Foreman 450 ES Recently the oil overheat light keeps coming on. My friend had a similar atv and was told it was the sensor for the fan and not to worry about it. His motor went out. I am wondering if it could be the oil cooler or oil pump causing this and how to check for which one it would be?
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Yeah, it would be best if you had a manual. Make sure your fan is kicking on when it is hot enough. If it's not, I would check the thermal sensor, first. The manual is probably going to tell you to take it out and submerse it in hot motor oil at a certain temperature, while you check the resistance with an ohmmeter. Might be easier just to replace it with a new one, though. If that checks good, I would check the fan, itself.

I've never seen that problem with a Foreman, unless you are just overworking it and getting it hot, but usually you can let them cool down and they are fine. I have seen the fan quit working on a lot of the 350 Ranchers and it will melt the piston and rings. It seems to be a common problem with them.
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