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Oil leaking from rocker assembly

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(My ATV is a 1986 Honda TRX 350)

There had been some oil on the cylinder head fins which I thought was coming from the valve cover seal which I replaced a while ago but never cleaned up the oil. Today I took some brake clean and compressed air to clean it up which worked really well but when I drove it home I noted that some oil was leaking out around bolts going into the rocker assembly. I think it may be the O-rings but not sure. If it is the O-ring what would be the easiest way to fix it without pulling the motor or is it even possible? And would it cause any damage if I leave the slow leak alone and top up the oil ever once and a while?

I think the O-Ring (18) that fits around the rocker arm (7 & 6) isn’t sealing causing the oil to leak out the side of the rocker arm bolt.

Link to partzilla schematic:

Any ideas would be a help
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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